CatIt Hooded Litter Box for Your Cat

Published January 14, 2018


One reason why pet lovers opt for a cat rather than a dog is that it does not require you to walk cats around. They can have their toilets set-up inside the house. Though others see this as an advantage, there are those who find this inconvenient too. This also means requiring you to scoop the cat’s poop from time to time. If you want such task to be less complicated, you can go for the CatIt hooded litter box. It makes scooping less messier and simple to complete.

Perhaps the best feature of the Catit hooded litter box is the privacy that it provides to cats when they need to be in their toilet. It comes with a plastic door for easy entry and exit. It also contains the scent inside the pan so that the odor won’t be spread throughout the room. Can you imagine how your room would smell if the scent of your cat’s litter will be exposed to the open? Surely, you wouldn’t want to find yourself in such situation. Thanks to the box’s carbon impregnated filter which effectively traps and do away with the odor inside it. Though the filter comes with the package when you buy one, take note though that you have to buy its replacement separately.

Another nice feature of the litter box is its built-in anchor pan which helps in keeping the bag open while you are cleaning out the box. Hence, you need not to do the scooping with your hands. If you need to accommodate more than one cat in one toilet then CatIt is your perfect choice. It is very spacious inside providing a lot of room for more than one cat. Imagine a pan that measures 18.3 inches wide and 22.4 inches in length. It also stands 15.3 tall. The door that opens it is 10.4 inches wide by 9.6 inches. Hence, regardless the size of your cat, it will surely fit inside the box.

The CatIt Hooded Cat Litter box comes in various colors too. You can choose among its grey, pink and blue options. Meaning, you can have a choice of color that will blend well with the color of your walls. Get this for only $29 (or even less when availed in discount prices). Surely, such amount is worth the investment in exchange for an odor-free home! CatIt weighs 5 pounds and is a sure heavy thing. But don’t worry; it comes with a sturdy handle that makes it very handy when you needed to move it somewhere else. But it’s not that you’ll be carrying the box eevery dayso the weight is not really an issue. This is Amazon’s top-selling litter box in 2017. In fact, it is one of the top ten best litter boxes of that same year. Meaning, CatIt Hooded Litter Box is not just an ordinary litter box that you will find in the market. It is applauded for its high quality built and features that you can’t find somewhere else. Indeed, it is worth buying!


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