Buying And Using A Miter Saw

Published September 12, 2017

wen miter saw

For projects that need precise moulding and lumber cuts, it is important to use a miter saw. A miter saw is often used when cutting materials by using angle measurements. Is your quest for buying and using a miter saw? This content will help you discover how to use and buy a miter saw.

Using A Miter Saw To Cut Shapes:

To determine the point where the blade will have a contact with the material, the wood thickness and cut angle can help to give a precise result. The line should be extended across the stock if you want to mark your board. Inspect your alignment by dropping the blade near the wood. Before starting the saw, ensure to adjust your board.

More than half of the length of your board should rest on the saw when cutting. Go ahead to stack a couple of scraps near the saw if your board is too lengthy. This will help to support the overhanging of your board. The saw should be positioned on the stand for a time-saving solution. This can be done with supports for a long stock.

Behind the saw base, ensure to position the stock towards the fence and use your hands to properly hold it at least six inches from your blade. Provided this step is properly followed, then you can go ahead to start your saw. Ensure that your hand is positioned on the saw handle before cutting. Another important thing to consider is by putting your arms straight out. Ensure that your feet are properly positioned to remain firm. When using a saw, ensure not to cross both of your arms.

At the upper section of the operating position, you can go ahead to start your saw. Ensure that that speed of the motor is working at the right level. The saw should be positioned down into your wood. The trigger should be released when your board is cut properly. The blade should be fully stopped prior to raising the saw.

How To Use A Miter Successfully:

1. Before marking, it is a good to cut one angle end of the material. Ensure to also cut the opposite end.

2. Prior to measuring, ensure to always cut the factory portion from your board. According to a wen miter saw review, It will fit properly when a part is cut with less sanding.

3. Smoother cuts are obtained from more teeth. For construction cuts, ensure to make use of a blade with more than fifty teeth. Try to use a blade with more than ninety teeth for fine cuts.

4. Ensure not to force the blade through the wood, but allow the saw to do the work

5. Even for fine cuts, it is a good idea to make use of a lower tooth count. The motor will experience less strain when the debris is removed. The debris is removed from the open spaces between the teeth of your saw.

Tips To Buy A Miter Saw:

1. Check the comfort that the saw handles can offer before investing your money

2. Buy a saw with bevel angles and easy to adjust depth

3. The power and size of the saw should be determined before buying one.

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