Best work from home jobs that are simple and easy to do

Published September 14, 2016

work-from-home-4A few decades ago, developing a rewarding work from home career was simply unheard of and where possible was marred with claims of scams and was hugely unprofitable.  However, with the wide penetration of internet to almost all parts of the world, not only is working from home possible but it’s now a fun, satisfying and lucrative way of making money while still keeping the family ties together.

There are a wide range of activities that a person can engage in to earn a living while working from home. Here are some of the jobs.

Most of the lucrative businesses in the world are now run fully or partly through the internet. This has necessitated the creation of Virtual Assistant positions which is occupied by people who perform administrative and organizational tasks remotely. Their duties include responding to inquiries either through mail or social media, creating documents and content that is required for smooth running of the business and offering general support to the clients.

For people who are fluent in several languages translation jobs that can be done from home are available. Governments, healthcare based businesses and the education sector are some of the professionals who require translators.

Freelance writing which is basically remote creation of content for the media, websites, blogs etc is a lucrative work from home career with a huge number of websites hiring writers. The ability to create flowing easy to read articles, be self driven, a bit of experience in writing of articles and good grammar are some of the skills that are important for a profitable freelance writing career.

Although many businesses are now operating from the internet, customers still need assistance from time to time, clients calls need to be answered and orders need to be processed very quickly and effectively. Many companies have now outsourced these services to call center representatives who mainly offer customer care services usually from home. Experience in sales and marketing, data entry and good customer service abilities are some of the skills that are required. A good computer and the necessary software is also necessary.

Since many businesses are based online, many people are now using social media as an important means of sourcing for customers hence the necessity for social media managers. People who command a sizable number of followers on social media and are able to communicate effectively to their followers are good candidates for social media representatives. Apart from assisting businesses in acquiring and maintaining clients directly, social media managers can help a business reduce on their print and television advertisement expenses.

In order to measure the performance of a business, tracking of inventory and formulation of a good business plan, data entry clerks who mostly work from home are required. With good typing skills and a computer being the main requirements, these jobs are easily done from home. Dozens of jobs relating to this field can be found on websites like and

Transcription involves conversion of audio files into typed transcripts. Those who wish to engage themselves in transcription need to be considerably fast in typing. Some of the sites where you can find transcription jobs include transcribe me, scribie and speechpad.

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