Best Tips for a Breastfeeding Mommy

Published March 16, 2019

Are you exclusively breastfeeding your baby? If yes, then welcome to the world where you belong!

It is a normal instinct of a mom to take good care for her baby. Well then, just as others said, mother’s knows best. The whole world knows that moms will give the best for their children. They have no more time for themselves that their world evolves only in caring for their children. Well, mommies give their best effort, time and love to their children. Just like any moms do, giving what is best is what we are aiming for. Mostly, giving what is best for our baby is our only goal.  You are indeed a smart mommy just like us! In this blog, you will find the best tips for breastfeeding mommy that helps and supports all mommies out there who loves to breastfeed their babies.

Mommies should take these supplements that support lactation. If your breast has a low supply of milk, then you should start taking these health supplements that could help you produce more milk. Babies from 1 to 6 months old really needed your breast milk. This is important for their growth as well as the immune system. It helps them to protect from certain types of diseases as well as fight infections from their bodies. Thus, it is important to have plenty of supply of breastmilk for your baby needs. This is the stage where babies are lactating in a small amount, yet continuous feeding, just like 7 to 9 times in a day. Taking these vitamins and supplements could help and support mommies on their breastfeeding journey.

Mommies should take a proper and comfortable position while breastfeeding their babies. There is a proper position that every mom should make in breastfeeding their babies. The most popular one is the cradle hold position where you are holding your baby in your left or right arm, facing towards your breast, with your arms and elbow supporting his or her head. There are other positions also that you want to try, just like the cross cradle hold, the side lying hold, and the football hold. Whatever the position you will take, make sure that your baby is comfortable enough. Also, it is also recommended that you will alternate feeding your baby to your left and right breasts in order to prevent the soreness of your nipples as well as help you balance also your position in feeding your baby. Mommies should also observer proper position. They need to be relaxed, comfortable and enjoy the moment that they are feeding their baby.

Lastly, for mommies, make sure that you are also caring for yourself while you are breastfeeding. Learn how to care for your breasts in order to prevent sagging as well as soreness of your nipples. Also, make sure that you are plenty of exercises to be stress-free in feeding your baby. Eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits,  and other healthy breastfeeding food recipes that could help you produce more breast milk. Enjoying your child and mom moments in breastfeeding is a treasured moment, thus make sure that you have given what is best for your baby.

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