Best Tactical Flashlights with High Lumen for Security and Emergencies

Published December 4, 2020

Tactical flashlights require a high lumen rating for best performance. Find out the top choice tactical flashlights with high lumens.

Top tactical flashlights

“Lumens” is the term you will often find on flashlights and other illuminating devices. The term refers to the light output measurement. Manufacturers usually include this information on the packaging. The printer information tells you how much lumens the flashlight can produce.

Fifteen years ago, tactical flashlights have 100 light output. This lumen rating is suitable for tactical flashlights. It produces enough illumination to help the law enforcement sector do their job at night. However, when 2016 came, LED lights became more popular. The quick advancement of LED light technology also gave birth to high lumen tactical flashlights. From 100 lumens, now you can find tactical flashlights up to 4000 lumens.

If you are working in the security, law enforcement, or search and rescue sector, below are what we think are the top tactical flashlights that you must consider.

#1 BERCOL Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight

Bercol Super Bright flashlight features 9000 lumens. It can illuminate objects within 550 yards of distance. The long-range illumination of the device makes it useful during tactical tasks and search and rescue.

The tactical flashlight has 3 lighting modes, namely, medium brightness, high brightness, and SOS. These options allow you to select the appropriate brightness in specific situations. Thus, you can minimize the device’s lighting when performing minor tasks and maximize them when under emergency.

The device is also an IPX waterproof flashlight. Hence, the flashlight is not prone to breakage due to water exposure making it the perfect choice for tactical tasks, emergencies, and camping.

Bercol tactical flashlight operates using rechargeable two 26650 lithium batteries. These batteries can provide 10 hours of light on medium brightness.

This super bright flashlight is budget-friendly. You can buy it for $50.

#2 ACEBEAM L30 Gen II LED Tactical Flashlight

The L30 Gen II tactical flashlight by Acebeam has an excellent light output of 4000 lumens. It can reach up to 1223 feet of distance. Also, it features four modes to adjust brightness and save battery life. Lowering its brightness expands its running time, which allows you to use the lighting device for a longer time.

This device from Acebeam runs on a 21700 battery. It has built-in charging ports that work with most micro USB cables thereby making it easier to recharge the device.

Notice that the flashlight has a tactical ring. The ring allows you to mount the flashlight on weapons. Moreover, it has an additional function such as strobe and lock/unlock setting.

#3 HELIUS Zeta VI Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

The Zeta VI by Helius is a pocket-sized tactical flashlight with an impressive light output. The device produces 3500 lumens that are suitable for outdoor and tactical tasks. Since the flashlight is smaller and lightweight, it is easier to carry around compared to larger tactical flashlights.

Helius tactical flashlight is made of military-grade aluminum alloy. It is incredibly durable and impact-resistance.

Zeta VI features the brightest CREE xhp50 LED lamp infused with zoom features to adjust the illumination focus. The device has 5 modes, which also includes lighting mode for self-defense and SOS. These aspects of Helius Zeta VI make it ideal for police, military, search and rescue, fishing, and hiking.

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