Best Body Fat Scales Of The Year

Published September 16, 2017

omron body fat loss monitor

Losing weight is hard enough, with all the new choices and hard workouts to be made. But recording your progress (or lack of) doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why it’s important to find a great scale that do multiple functions to assist you in showing your progress.

Body fat scales have evolved over as technology has developed. There are things to consider before you go out and purchase one, however. Is it multi-functional? Is it foot-to-foot? Is it affordable? And will it work for my goals?

A good body fat scale can do all of the above, while offering you plenty of flexibility and versatility to help assist you in aiding your weight loss program into a success.

These two below are the two best body fat scales of 2017, that will accurately and easily show you and the progress you’re making!

Omron Body Composition Monitor

One of the best monitors out there on the market today barring none is the Omron Body Composition Monitor. It’s not just a foot-to-foot technology, meaning it’ll actually give you a more accurate reading. How? Well, omron fat loss monitor is set up with a hand to foot tech that allows each user the ease of measuring their results efficiently.

Retractable Cord

The retractable cord can reach as high as 6.6 ¾.” The reason this is better than your standard foot-to-foot body fat analyzer is because your body’s retention will gravitate to your feet and legs giving an incorrect measurement. This monitor can send a harmless electric signal from your arm to foot giving you the best results.


Yes, you want to measure your body fat, but wouldn’t it be nice to do more? With Omron, that is totally possible. Omron is a multi-dimensional scale that measure your weight, body fat pct, visceral fat, and BMI.

The Pro’s

    • Affordable and durable model for under a $100.

    • Retractable cords gives you more a versatile and accurate measurement.

    • 4AA batteries included with a log sheet, and an informative user manual.

    • Full body sensing

    • Comprehensive reading

    • Easy off/on switch base.

The Con’s

    • No Bluetooth

    • No “Athletic Mode.”

    • Limited number of profile options. Only available for up to four profile options.


Out of the two models on this list, this one is the more affordable option. The things you can appreciate are the retractable, handheld device that will give you a more accurate reading. It is multi-functioning, and the Omron Body Composition Monitor is beneficial because it takes away unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office and physical trainer. That said, it is limited technically, while this next model gives you all the technical capabilities taking you into the future of weight-loss.

Withings Wireless Scale

This monitor scale is the next wave for weight loss monitoring. Withings has introduced the most technically advanced model out there on the market today. It’s Bluetooth and Wireless enable, and comes with a free Health Companion app, that will sync your scale to it showing you results and giving you rewards.

Multiple Platforms

Withings has introduced a better and more portable way to weigh in your results. You can hook this scale up to your computer, phone, or Ipad.

Patented Postion Control Technology

This may be the most important element to this scale. The patented Position Control Technology guides the users once they step on the scale to the correct and proper stance. As noted, the correct stance and position is vital if you want the best accurate reading.

The Pro’s

    • Personalized Coach: This is done by utilizing the Health Mate App. You get to log your results by syncing the scale to the health app. Better yet, not only do your monitor your progress but there could be rewards involved as well.

    • Records and recognizes up to 8 profiles.

    • Comes with four tripleA batteries, which will make your scale last as long as 18 months.

    • Sleek and elegant design.

    • Affordable and under $100 dollar model.

    • Reads body fat, BMI, bone mass and water measurements.

    • Part of Nokia, a trusted and reputable brand.

The Con’s

    • Android users have complained about the setup process taking too long or being difficult.

    • Glitches still exist during the app process, but this should be expected as it is still a new technology.


One of a kind, innovative and the future are the words that come to mind when you mention Withings Wireless Scale. Is it perfect? No, but it is affordable and very durable as it can sustain up to 18 months of battery life. Expect this to be the way of the future of body fat analyzing. Customers love it because it’s portable and versatile. You can do so much with it and you never worry about incorrectly standing on the scale with its patented position control tech.This by far takes this 2017’s best body fat scale of the year.

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