Before Buying A Bidet Toilet Seat:

Published April 10, 2018

Bidet toilet seats have become increasingly popular among people over the years. They certainly have the thing in them to be one of the essential additions to the toilets. They bring in the guarantee for a healthy environment and a luxurious experience in the toilet. Also, the technology used to manufacture them has made them even more appealing and easy to use. As the use of bidet toilet is getting increasingly popular every day, the need for guidance in buying the same is also in high demand as well. Some good review websites such as are doing a wonderful job in enabling people to take the right decision.


Since you are adding a thing of great utility to your home and spending a decent sum of money on it, you need to know about certain things before making the decision to buy. Here are a few important of them;

Price: The cost of the bidet toilet seat varies a lot depending on the features it comes with. So you got to see what comes under your budget and you also must take care to compare different products in the same price range for the features they offer.

Control set up: Some people literally go for the control feature and some do not. Usually, the bidet type toilet seats come with side control panels attached to the side of the seat and the wireless remote controlled ones as well. The earlier types are cheaper than the later ones. In remote controlled ones, there also you will see the remote control with buttons only and the ones with button plus screen are there as well.

Water pressure adjustment: Almost all type of electronic bidet toilet seats come with adjustment feature for water pressure but the control varies from product t product. Some non-electronic types also have flow controls too.

Warm water settings: Modern electronic type bidet toilet seats are coming up with unlimited warm water supply, hence you need to know what settings are there to control the temperature of the flow.

Dryer: Bidet type seats also come with automatic air dryer fitted into them.  If you need one for additional comfort you can go for it.

Seat heating: The heated seat option is also available in some models of bidet toilet seats. It adjusts the temperature of the toilet seat to give you the extra comfort you need.

Open and close: Does the seat come with a motorized opening and closing system or it has to be done the manual way. The motorized one comes costly as compared to the manual ones. Hence this may affect your buying decision.

Deodorizers to keep the toilet air fresh are also a feature to look for in the bidet toilet seats. Other essential features that will govern your decision-making process are the nozzle quality, cleaning options, safety sensor and the LED indicator etc.  You need to go a bit deep into the things before you zero down on a particular product since you are putting your money into it.

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