Basic Cinema Headphone Storage and Care Tips Everyone Must Know

Published January 29, 2021

Incorrect manner of storage and lack of care are reasons why your headphone doesn’t last long. Learn simple cinema headphone storage and care tips to make your device last longer. 

Cinema Headphone Storage

A headphone’s lifespan rests on its quality and durability – a fact that everyone knows. However, no matter how robust the headphone is, the device won’t last long if there is a lack of maintenance and care.

Proper storage and maintenance are the keys to preserving a headphone’s lifespan. Take note that cinema headphones, especially high-end ones, are a bit pricey. Taking care of it allows you to save more money and get the most out of the device. If you recently bought one of the top cinema headphones, below are basic tips on how to keep your device in tip-top shape.

#1 Be Mindful with the Cable

If you are using wired headphones, you need to take care of the cable. Improper storage causes the wire to tangle, which results in breakage and damage. For wired headphones, make sure to wind it following its natural coil. Doing so will prevent internal cable damage, as well as avoids the exterior from breaking.

You can buy headphone stands to secure the cable. Headphone stands usually have hooks to secure the cable and prevent it from tangling.

#2 Regularly Clean your Headphones

Whether you are using an on-ear or over-the-ear headphone, make sure to keep them clean. Wipe them using a clean cloth with disinfectant to prevent earwax build-up. Also, wash the earpads if they already smell bad due to sweat. But before doing so, check first the headphone’s manual if you can remove its earpads or cushion and wash.

Non-washable earpads and cushions are usually removable or replaceable. Hence, you can buy a pair of new earpads if the former is unclean.

#3 Use a Bag for Storage

Keep your cinema headphones in a bag for storage or any secured place will do, such as your drawer or the headphone’s box. Storing it in a secured place will protect the device from dust build-up and damages.

#4 Use a Case 

Do not toss the headphones in your bag to carry them around. Store it in a different case to prevent scratches on the device.

You can buy a headphone case at any electronic store. This item is quite affordable, it wouldn’t hurt your pocket to buy one.

#5 Unplug the Headphone After Use

For wired headphones, always remember to unplug the earphones after use. Leaving the headphones attached to the system causes the cord to get tangled. Moreover, it can be pulled suddenly from the jack causing the cord to break.

#6 Mind the Volume

High volume levels damage hearing. It can also cause damage to the headphone’s speaker. When using the device, make sure not to turn up the volume too high. Top-notch cinema headphones usually produce great sounds even at low volumes. Hence, there is no reason for you to maximize the volume to immerse yourself in the movie or while listening to music.

By following these care tips, you can guarantee your headphone’s lifespan.


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