Audiophiles; truly listening to music

Published May 6, 2016

AudiophilesIn every single thing that we engage in as human beings, there are always two different kinds of people who engage in it: The people who engage in it casually, and those who take a more serious interest in the process. When it comes to music appreciation, the difference between these two classes of people is especially clear. The people who merely listen to music on a casual level of interest are those who get to know of popular songs, download them and listen to them on the generic ear buds and headphones that they are supplied with when they purchase new phones On the far end of the spectrum, those who truly listen to music go to great lengths to get to hear the music as accurately as possible; they refer to themselves as audiophiles.

The first area in which one will be able to spot the difference between a casual music listener and a true audiophile is in the quality of the music that they listen to. In this case, the quality of the song is not determined by how well sung it is or any other such subjective metric, but rather by the quality of the audio file they are listening to. While the casual music listener would be content with listening to MP3 files that are encoded at 128kbs, a true audiophile would go out of his or her way to search for files that are referred to as lossless audio files; such as FLAC and others, meaning that they are high fidelity and represent the true studio production of the song.

The next dividing line between casual music listeners and audiophiles can be seen in the type of equipment that they make use of when listening to music. While a casual listener would be content with using the ear buds that came with their phone, an audiophile would search for headphones or ear buds produced by high-end audio equipment manufacturers such as Bang and Olufsen and others in that niche. The headphones would be likely to have several extra effects that are missing from generic ones, such as noise cancelling, which means that the headphones would be able to isolate and focus on the actual music coming from the audio file.

When these two categories of people venture out of listening to music into actually creating music, it brings about another stark difference between them. Casual musicians would be content to make use of any equipment that they can get their hands on (such as amplifiers for different instruments, microphones and others), without regard to, and sometimes without even understanding the various specifications that will determine the end result and how the music being produced will sound. For a true audiophile, doing that would be an abomination, and they would likely spend a lot of time looking over all the equipment to ensure that they have the specifications necessary to produce the best sound possible, especially when they are linked together to one another.

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