Athlete Factsheet: How to Avoid Shin Splits?

Published May 21, 2018

Shin split is a common injury among athletes. Most athletes who suffer from this condition are runners and sports that require a lot of leg movement such as soccer, rugby, baseball, cycling, etc. An athlete experiences shin split due to exhaustion of leg muscle because of strenuous physical activities.


Although shin split is not a severe medical problem, however, this may affect an athlete’s level of performance. For instance, a runner could never run tracks and join the competition with such injury. If they do, it will only lead to complications and encourage more injuries.

Having shin split is inevitable given with the daily physical activities that the athletes do. Then, how can one avoid the consequences of having an injury?
If you are searching for answers regarding combatting shin split, here is what you have to do.

Know Your Limits 

It is you who can tell what your body can do. As an athlete, you are aware of your physical limitations. Therefore, never go beyond what your body can perform. Always consult a physiologist to keep a record of your condition. Moreover, consulting a medical professional supports you to prevent injuries like shin splits.

Keep Your Body in Good Condition

An athlete’s life is expected to revolve around following a healthy diet and rigorous work out sessions. Keeping your physique in good condition reduces the chances of shin splits, cramps, and similar muscle problems. Hence, always eat a well-balanced diet with good amount of vegetables, fruits, and foods that are rich in protein. Also, take it slowly when dealing with your body. Before you go on practices make it a habit to do warm-up exercises. Do not jump to strenuous activities immediately.

Know When to Rest 

Your body is not a machine. It gets tired and requires recovery after prolonged hours of physical work. Thus, remember to take a rest once you reach your limit. Let your muscles relax and recover from exhaustion. Future games are not an excuse to strain yourself with workouts and practices. Give your body some time to breathe and relax. Take notice that shin splits happen due to physical exertion and lack of rest. Therefore, always mind your physical condition.

Use Compression Sleeves 

Another amazing way to treat shin split is through using compression sleeves. These tight-fitting garments are designed to improve one’s physical performance. Furthermore, it promotes faster healing of injuries like shin splits and even joint inflammation, for this garment keeps the blood circulating properly and maintains warmth as well. Likewise, compression sleeves help the skin to breathe and cool down the muscles.

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