Amazing Vacuum Cleaning Tips

Published December 22, 2017

7A vacuum cleaner is a device or machine that almost every household has. It lessens the effort you put into cleaning the floor and other surfaces. It also cuts the cleaning time almost in half. You just need to get one of the best canister vacuums for your money to be able to avail of all its benefits. Once you have purchased your reliable canister vacuum cleaner, you would need these tips to help clean your floors even better.


1. Live Clean


Just because you own the best vacuum cleaner, doesn’t mean you can just let in dirt anytime. The more dirt you have in your house, the harder your vacuum would need to work. Put out a rug or place the shoe rack near the door. These tips would contain the dirt in one place instead of it being scattered all over the house.


2. Go Over the Carpet More Than Once


No matter how high the quality of your vacuum is, you would still need to run the vacuum over your carpet or furniture more than once. In fact, you might need to let it go over them around five times. This is to ensure that dust or hair, even pet hair, would be sucked in. Dust and hair can get lodged deep between fibers and are hard to remove.


3. Empty the Canister


When the canister is full, or almost full, the dirt or dust could go back out even if you have a filter to try and stop it. Also, your vacuum wouldn’t be able to function really well. You should not need to fill up the canister before emptying it. You could see if your canister is full because most of them are transparent. If you are using a bagged vacuum, you would need to replace the bag regularly. Since you couldn’t see if it’s almost full or not unless you open the container, you would need to check it before and after using.


4. Pick Up Small Objects


Before you turn on your vacuum, there are some things that you should do first. One of them is picking22 up small objects from the floor or the surface you are working on. When small objects get sucked in, they could get stuck in the vacuum and would damage it or make it malfunction. It could clog the hose and prevent the vacuum from sucking in the dust and dirt.


5. Use the Right Setting


Different surfaces would need different settings of your vacuum for it to be cleaned properly. First, you would want to adjust the height of the vacuum to make it more efficient for you to work with it. After which, choose a setting on the vacuum that would be the most appropriate for the surface you are working on. Some materials can be sensitive and can be damaged if the setting isn’t chosen correctly.


6. Dust Before Vacuuming


Use a rag or your duster to remove the dust from higher places that the vacuum couldn’t reach. This would stir up the dust and let them settle on the floor. It would then be easier for the vacuum to get the dust. Also, if you vacuum before you dust, you would have to vacuum all over again because of the dust that would get scattered after cleaning other surfaces.

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