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Published January 31, 2018


The name BinaryMate has been making a fuss in the trading industry because of certain people who are considering it a good choice. However, there are also some who are in doubt on the overall image of BinaryMate. Generally, this particular trading option is said to offer certain advantages, which include a one-hour guarantee of processing your withdrawal. In addition to that, the broker has a 24-hour support through live videos for those who might be in need of immediate needs. BinaryMate is also known to offer various levels of account that can be based on the deposits with the tendency to award certain bonus funds. The key points to remember about BinaryMate are the facts such as a minimum trade of $1, a minimum deposit of $250, and pool prize contests of $20,000.

One of the best things about BinaryMate is the easy to use and slick-looking trading area and platform. It generally makes the choices of the traders simple to reach. It is a fact that one of the things that make binary options attractive is its simplicity as compared to the other trading options or vehicles. The trading platform of BinaryMate includes a price chart that shows the time of expiry, a chart with a visual line, and a dashed line that would show a placement of trade. On the top of the screen of its platform, the trading choices can be seen. The trade size as well as the trading buttons can easily be found on the area. The trading platform is primarily impressive because it provides everything that a trader would need.

In BinaryMate, there are three known choices for the traders, which would include the standard high/low, the one touch, and the 60 second choice. When it comes to the underlying assets, the choices are the typical ones from currency or forex pairs, indices, commodities, and stocks. It is said that the range that BinaryMate has can be compared with some of the most leading names in the industry. Even the most popular assets are said to be listed. Generally, the payout in BinaryMate would reach about 90%, but it can be dependent on the markets as well as other factors, such as the expiry time and a particular underlying asset.

As mentioned, BinaryMate is most proud of their guaranteed processing of withdrawal in an hour’s time. Such feature is considered to be very superior in comparison with other firms. There is no difficulty during the processing because there are some verification that is needed. There are also wide range of withdrawal methods that a trader may choose from, such as debit and credit cards, through wire transfer, and a variety of e-wallet service provides. These e-wallets include Web Money, PayPal, and some more. The trader can withdraw as low as $50.

These are just some of the impressive facts about BinaryMate and it is highly recommended to learn for more. This will help you find out if BinaryMate is right for you.


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