Air Purifier Buying Considerations

Published April 17, 2018

Let’s face it; breathing clean air isn’t something that you’d see on the first few entries on anyone’s checklists. However, with the entire globe steadily becoming more polluted day after day, taking extra steps to purify air is becoming just as important as making sure that drinking water is clean. Fortunately, breathing clean air can be ensured in the household by using an air purifier. But getting one shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. There are several things to consider before buying purchasing one from the local store.


1. Size. In a world where minimalist home setups and floor plans are becoming a prevalent trend, taking note of the size of any item to be added to a room is extremely important. Even if it’s a rather large living room, adding a large household item will be an eyesore, especially if the design is dull and won’t blend well with the interior. Most of the time, size is proportional to the purifying capacity, but there are some brands that offer a more compact yet equally as effective purifying power.

2. Budget. Budget is, of course, always a consideration when buying anything. But what most people get wrong with setting a budget is that they usually have the mindset of going for the cheapest option available – bad idea. There are plenty of substandard brands and models in store shelves and naturally, they’re the ones that sport the cheapest price tags. On the other hand, equating high price with better quality isn’t always correct. There are companies that take advantage of their effective marketing strategies and charge more for what their product is actually worth. Set a budget range for models that are getting good reviews from other buyers.

3. Features. Air purifier features are what separates average models from great options. One notable feature that is such a big advantage that makes it invaluable is the 3-in-1 filtration system. This should be required for every air purifier models out there. To get a better idea watch this video about the GermGuardian AC4825. This particular model has set a high standard. It’s pretty much what the ideal air purifier the average homeowner would imagine being. However, not all households have the same use case and specifications. Some homes, for example, will require a larger model to address a bigger living space.

4. Safety standards. There’s no denying that people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of UV rays. And with air purifiers using the same rays to clean indoor air, how are homeowners supposed to feel safe from it? For some models of air purifiers, it’s really a non-issue. The bulb that emits UV rays is usually safely located inside these appliances so they don’t really pose any danger to people who are in proximity to the purifier. Air purifiers without emissions are good models to go for because they are not likely to cause headaches to people in the room. Instead of emitting waves, these models instead use filtration. This purifying technique has been around so long. Also, it is proven to still be the most reliable way of filtering air as well as water.

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