Advices for a Cleaner Kitchen While Cooking

Published December 14, 2017

1Many people say that cleaning as you go is the best thing to do to avoid cleaning a heap of mess afterward, especially when cooking for a big event. This is so true. But, what does it really mean by cleaning as you go? Here are some details on how you could clean as you go and make your kitchen less messy while cooking.


Put Your Trash Bin Near You


Cooking can be tough as you deal with all the clutters on the countertop which comprises numerous wrappers, cans, and boxes that don’t get into the bin immediately. Keep a garbage can near you so you could easily throw in the trash as soon as you empty them. You could also have a recycling bin or box to separate the things you throw in. In addition, have a bowl at the sink where you could place the peelings and food scraps that would go to the compost bin later on.


Use A Mat Under The Cutting Board


Using a clean cutting mat under the cutting board would help you easily put all the chopped ingredients in the pot or pan. This would prevent the food from falling into the floor or other parts of the kitchen. Just make sure that the mat is clean and sanitized.


Have A Cup Of Spoons


Sometimes, you would need to wash a measuring spoon again when you have placed it somewhere on the countertop and realize you still need to use it. To avoid washing them over and over, put a cup or a small bowl near you where you could place reusable measuring spoons and utensils and avoid them from getting contaminated or dirty.


Fill Up One Sink With Hot Soapy Water


If you have two sinks, fill up one with hot water and mix a bit of detergent in it. You could throw in the utensils and dishes that you won’t need anymore. This would make washing afterward easier as the water and soap would break down the grease and loosen food particles from your dishes.


Place A Splatter Screen On The Stove


To avoid cleaning the stove after frying or cooking food with oil or any fat, you could put a splatter screen on the stove. This would lessen your load of cleaning up after cooking.


Don’t Be Idle While You Wait


Between cooking or while waiting for the food to boil or cook, start cleaning up. You could wipe the countertop or put some dishes in the washer while you wait for your food to cook, you could also empty your dishwasher. You can also start with the floor and pick up food that you have missed. Pack away the trash bins, as well. If you still have time, you could also begin setting the table. Cleaning as you go would make it easy for you to clean up after cooking. It would also prevent spills from staining your surfaces. You could also check this in-depth review of the top dishwasher detergents to know more about the supplies you should use in your kitchen when cleaning up.

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