5 Lightest Cordless Hair Clippers for Every Men

Published July 4, 2019

You can look in your best wherever you go with just one device with you and it’s a cordless hair clipper. Majority of the men’s hair grows so fast that is why instead of visiting a barbershop all the time, it is best to just invest in a cordless hair clipper. You will not only save money and time, but you will also get to enjoy many benefits.


Why it is Highly Recommended to Get a Cordless Hair Clippers

There are many advantages if people decide to get a cordless hair clipper. One, regardless of where you are in the world and you need a neat haircut, you can just pull out your cordless hair clipper and achieve the sleek look without needing to look for an electric outlet. Wherever you want to go, you may bring this cordless hair clipper with you anywhere because it is also very easy to pack and place inside your luggage.

Today, there are actually many cordless hair clippers which are available in the market. However, if you want to know what are the cordless hair trimmers that actually work, you need to read this entire article since there are several devices here which are highly recommended today.

Top 5 Cordless Hair Clippers According to Weight

  1. Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself

This is the lightest hair clipper in this article. With the brand itself, it assures an excellent performance and that it is durable and it has reliable features for a clean and close to a perfect haircut. There is no need to worry about the blades getting dull over time because the device can sharpen its own blades. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about your reach because it can rotate up to 180 degrees.

  1. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Known for its size wherein people can almost hold the entire device with just a person’s palm. Those who are particular with hygiene and cleanliness will surely love this cordless hair clipper because you may clean or wash it. Depending on what you prefer or what you need, you have the freedom to use the device with or without a cord since it is also battery powered.

  1. Wahl Clipper Color Pro #9649

A very simple hair clipper and user-friendly which can deliver an awesome outcome. Everyone loves this cordless hair clipper because of its color-coding which makes it easy for anyone to remember how to operate it and which comb to use. Unlike other hair clippers, it does not produce extremely loud noises which can be annoying sometimes.

  1. Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Hair Clipper

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cordless Hair Clipper is one of the best cordless hair clippers that exists in the market today. To those who want to be a little adventurous and want to invest in a device with awesome features, this brand and model is surely the one. Among other devices introduced on this webpage, it has the best size and weight and is very versatile when it comes to people who prefer to use hair clippers with cord or without.

  1. Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Sterling 4 Clipper

In one look, you will know instantly that it is made of the best materials and it is highly durable. Everything you will need is already in one package. When compared to other devices, surprisingly, considering this device’s power, it doesn’t get hot too easily.

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